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Improve your League of Legends Speed!

Wi-Fi speed can be a major factor in your LOL game. You probably don’t worry about it until your latency affects your game play.  Even if lag rarely causes issues, having the best possible WI-FI connectivity will make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

There have been many recent improvements and innovations in Wi-Fi technology since League of Legends was released in 2009. Since Wi-Fi speed is affected by your distant from the router, we’ll discuss some ways to boost the range of the wireless signal. The three main things to consider are speed, capacity, and coverage.

  • Speed—New technologies can provide faster speed.
  • Capacity—New routers can also be used to provider connections to more devices at once. This larger capacity can have an impact when other users are heavy users.
  • Coverage—You get the best speed when coverage is good where you are. The closer to the router the better but some routers can be made to have more range/coverage to have fast speeds even from great distances.

Why is my internet Slow?

Why is your speed slow for Leagues of legends? Does your internet come in and out or is otherwise unreliable?  There are a few factors.  In my old house, whenever the microwave was on, my wifi speed reduced drastically. When my roommates were cooking dinner, my League of Legends play was on pause (but no one else's were).  But here are some other things that affect your League of Legends play and Wifi connection:

  • permanent structures like walls bookshelves also affect wireless signals.
  • the device between your computer and the router
  • the number of devices using your network (and how heavily they are using the internet)
  • The height of your router off the floor.
  • the weather or atmospheric conditions

How to improve my internet speed for LoL

So really there are three things you can do to improve your internet speed for League of Legends: 

  1. get a better router
  2. reduce the demand on your network (maybe kick people off your network)
  3. get a better internet service provider
  4. improve the placement of your router
  5. Use a wireless range extender
  6. get closer to your router

For some people, the best you can do is try to get closer to the router. If you're in shared housing or a university campus, you can't just go and move or replace the router.  But for everyone else a router upgrade or internet service change might be the best way forward. 

Wireless router options:

  1. For a new and modern whole house system, Google has made a great product. The Google (NLS-1304-25) Wifi system (set of 3) - Router replacement for whole home coverage will set you up with fast speeds throughout the house.
  2. For a smaller apartment or those of us who sit next to the router in our office, upgrading to a NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 Dual Band Smart WiFi Router, Gigabit Ethernet (R6700) will improve speeds
  3. And if you don't have the budget for a whole new home system, you can extend your range with something like the NETGEAR N300 WiFi Range Extender.

All of these products were selected based on the price at the time of publishing.  We'll continue to update these to be the most cost effective products. But shop around.

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